The club organises trips at different locations for club members. Outings are often all day or overnighters. A lot of fun is had and often members come back with many specimens.

Field trips are generally scheduled for June to September.
Members are notifed by our club newsletter,the Geminews or
by email on request. For further information about possible
field trips call Montreal Gem and Mineral Club at 514-878-9110
and leave a message.

• Remember that our activities at collecting sites are a privilege and not a right.
Let's not spoil it for the next Rockhound who would like to collect in the same area.
A hammer left among the rocks could cause expensive damage to the rock crushers

• Always wear eye protection and a hard hat.
• When using hammers and chisels, small rock chips tend to fly in all directions.
• Don't let one of them get in your eye and ruin your life.
• Highly recommended are steel toe safety boots. Step on a sharp rock and you'll be thankful.

• a knapsack to carry a snack in and your garbage out,
• drinking water,
• egg cartons or other containers to put your specimens in,
• wrapping paper to protect your mineral finds,
• hammer, chisel, pry bar, etc.,
• small magnifier, magnet, tweezers, pocket knife,
• knee pads.

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