In search of minerals

Field collecting trips

The club organizes trips to different destinations for club members. Outings often last all day or more. We have a lot of fun and often the members come back with many specimens.

Field trips are generally scheduled between June and September.

Members are notified by the club newsletter, Geminews. For more information on possible excursions, call us and leave a message.

Security equipment

  • A safety vest must be worn at all times when traveling in any operating commercial quarry.
  • An emergency whistle is recommended if you are alone or away from the group.
  • A hard hat must be worn when traveling in any operating commercial career. It will protect you from rocks coming from the top of the cliffs as well as fragments generated by other collectors.
  • Safety boots: they will protect the ankles and toes during work. Some rocks are sharp!
  • Glasses: Safety glasses are recommended at all times when you or someone close to you is working with a chisel or hammer. Small shards of rock tend to fly in all directions. If you are not wearing safety gear, a shard could damage your eyes.
  • Work gloves (leather): You must remember that stones and tools are unforgiving on unprotected hands and fingers.

Excavation tools

  • Hammers: Blacksmith’s hammers weighing 2 to 12 pounds are most widely used. A 3 or 4 pound sled hammer is recommended for the beginner.
  • Chisels (cold scissors): Scissors of various sizes are required. Have at least 1/4 “and 3/4” scissors to start. We highly recommend a chisel with a guard
  • Pick, lever
  • Egg cartons or other containers to place the specimens you have collected.
  • Wrapping paper to protect your finds
  • Knee pads or gardening cushion
  • Other: Small magnifying glass, magnet, tweezers, pocket knife, gardening tools

Additional information

Almost all of this material can be purchased at retailers such as Rona, Réno-Dépôt, Canadian Tire or your hardware store.

The destinations of the trips are variable and depend on the number of participants.

The age limit for children is usually governed by the quarry, but the club does not allow children under 12 years to participate. Our excursions are a mix of socializing and “business’ collecting.

Our excursions are a mix of social activities and excavation work.

Tool illustrations

Blacksmith’s hammers

Geologist’s hammer


Small magnifying glass

Safety glasses

Rules of Conduct

Remember that our activities at the collection sites are a privilege and not a right, do not spoil anything for the next hobbyist who would like to explore the same area. Respect for places and people is essential.

Bring a backpack, a snack and collect your waste in order to preserve the site. Bring back whatever you brought with you. There are rarely any garbage cans on the sites. Do not leave any tools, trash or garbage on a site. A hammer left on site could damage expensive equipment or injure a person

Keep a safe distance from a person who is working to avoid injury from splinters or rockslides.

To be safer, do not prospect alone or at least inform the person in charge of the exit if you move away.

Bring a small first aid kit and mosquito repellent.

Bring water, prospecting is physical and the day is long! You need to hydrate.

Harvest only the essentials so as not to exhaust the natural resource. Observe the golden rules of nature conservation.

Some photo souvenirs